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Wendy Maclauren Richardson


Many clients come to us wanting to know how we're different from other Event Planners.

There are a handful of basic requirements to be considered a good event planner--great organization skills, good eye for design, detail-oriented, and the ability to communicate well with people. There's no question that we possess all of those important traits, but more importantly, we feel that we're different in a number of other ways, making our services truly stand out from others:

We embrace technology to add convenience for our clients.

We spare no expense in hiring the best people. Even our day-of assistants are all seasoned event professionals who can run their own events. Each one has at least 3+ years of event planning experience.

We place a heavy emphasis on hospitality in addition to the usual design, logistics, and production. To us, hospitailty is the icing on the cake for the amazing client experience we provide. Whether it's delivering lunch to the bridal party, or greeting grandma upon arrival, or making sure the bride's flip flops are placed underneath her seat at dinner, we go through great lengths to understand the hospitality needs at each event so our team can provide superb service. We always have a hospitality team of at least 2 to take care of the families and wedding party on the day-of.

Last, but not least, our passion is to tell your story, and we do that by getting to know you on a much deeper level than what your favorite color is. Our events have heart because we create every detail around whom our clients are.

Let us get to know you...

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