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Why should I hire a Wedding Planner?

Most people don't throw parties for over 50 people on a regular basis that culminates into a 5 or 6 figure bill. It takes careful planning and precision to plan a party with so many details, vendors, and moving parts. By hiring a professional wedding planner who has the knowledge, expertise, experience, and resources to guide you along the way, you are investing in the best insurance for your event.

How much will my wedding cost?

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. There is no 'one size fits all' template as far as we're concerned. Therefore, without understanding your wedding vision, priorities, and expectations, we cannot even guesstimate how much your wedding will cost. What we can tell you, though, is that we recommend a minimum of $80,000 for a wedding of 80-100 people in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Do you offer Day-Of Coordination Services?

No, we do not. We feel that we are setting everyone up for failure if we just show up on the wedding day and try to manage vendors whom we have had no prior contact with, and to make important decisions for our clients when we have not been a part of the planning process. Every wedding is different, and every client is different, so in order to execute flawlessly for you, we need to be involved in the planning process from beginning to end.

I don't live in the Bay Area, so how can we work together to plan the wedding?

This may come as a surprise to you, but over 50% of our clients are actually from out of town. We work with couples from all over the world who are trying to plan their destination wedding here in the San Francisco Bay Area and Napa Valley Wine Country. We love all the available technology that allows us to work closely with our out of town clients as if they are local. We love Dropbox, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Skype, just to name a few of the tools we use with our long distance clients.

Do you have a list of preferred vendors?

Yes and No. Through our years of experience in the industry and the hundreds of weddings we have planned, we surely have established great relationships with selected vendors whom we adore working with. In that sense, yes they are our 'preferred vendors'. But, we understand that they may not be the perfect fit for every client, so we continually keep our eyes and ears open for new vendors for our clients. We do not take any commission or kickback from the vendors that we recommend, and our recommendations are based entirely on our assessment of what our clients would like in terms of style, budget, and personality.

How is a Wedding Planner's role different from a Venue Coordinator or a Catering Manager/Coordinator?

Our roles are actually hugely different, with just some minor overlaps. As your Wedding Planner, I work alongside you on ALL facets of your wedding. Everything matters to me, including the way your grandmother is going to arrive to the venue, and whether your mom's corsage will have a pin or a magnet in the back. On the day of the wedding, I represent you, the bride and groom, and will act on your behalves to execute the wedding the way that you envision it to be. All questions will be directed to me, and between my assistants and I, we will provide hospitality for the bridal party and families, management for the vendors, styling for the decor and details, and full control on the timing and production of your event from start the finish.

Your Venue Coordinator's role is to ensure that the site itself is protected from harm and destruction during the event, especially as vendors are coming and going with their trucks and setup. They represent the site, and will field questions that pertain to the site itself.

Your Catering Manager's role is to ensure that the food and beverages are brought out in a timely manner, that the catering staff is providing exceptional service to the guests, and to partner closely with the Wedding Planner for all setup components.

By hiring a Wedding Planner, you are allowing your vendors to focus on doing their jobs well!